About Us

Green Garden RAIN BARRELS is a home based business !  We market and promote our products and services by participating in local Garden Fairs and local City Farmers Markets, and by being Associate Member of area Botanical Gardens.              We take great pride in being environmentally conscious especially through water conversation and we know that our products and services can help you become eco-friendly, too.

We sell the following water conservation items:

               >   Upcycled "eco-friendly" rain barrels

               >   Installation of rain barrels and rain barrel systems

               >   Upcycled "eco-friendly" garden planters

               >   Upcycled "eco-friendly" garden composters

               >   Hand crafted wooden rain barrel stands

               >   Hand crafted wooden or vinyl rain barrel screens

 We have several items in our inventory and we are on the cutting edge of new developments in these and related products, so please email us if you dont find what you're looking for on our site :


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"Your Garden Deserves Natures Best Water"
"Making rainfall a valuable resource instead of a liability!"